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H & T Chemical Injection Skid


Chemical Injection Skid with Shockproof and Dual Scale Display Pressure Gauge .Which is a piece of equipment designed to inject chemicals into a system at the required pressure of the system.

N&T chemical injection skid provides low-pressure compressed air as a booster power source a pressure to keep convenience and safety. This equipment is applicated in surface low pressure, and downhole high pressure.


1)pressure compressed air as booster power source to keep convenience and safety.

2)Adopted pressure to be self-locked to adjust output pressure keeps constant in case of overshoot under air-driven pressure setting constant.

3)With shockproof and dual scale display pressure gauge

4)Equipped with a glass column and high-precision flow control valve to meet the requirements of high flow rate chemical injection.The main -material are glass and 316s to meet the corrosion-proof requirements;

5)All components, piping and valves are made of 316s or 316L, which can prevent from corrosion effectively ;It has operation schematic on the control panel, which is easy to observe and operate.                                


Chemicals: anti-frozen agent, viscosity reducer, blocking remover, biocide chemicals, oxygen scavenger, pour point disperant(PPD), anti-corrosion agent,

Pressure: 0~2000bar/29000PSI

Flow: 0~24L/min;(customize)

Pressure accuracy: ±1%FS

Ambient: -20℃ to 65℃

Application: surface low pressure, downhole high pressure.

Technical Performances

Max. outlet pressure: 4,000 psi

Max. flow rate: 2.89 L/M

Driving air inlet: NPT1/2F

Fluid inlet: NPT1/2F

HP outlet: NPT1/4

Bleed-off outlet: NPT1/4

No. of HP outlets: 1 (available for more outlets)

Dimension: 700L×600W×550H(mm)

Weight: 66 kgs

Pneumatic pump : two sets of pumps, one for working, the other for standby

Pump model: WYXH39-1

Pressure ratio: 1:39

Driven: By compressed air

Driving air pressure: 100 PSI

Part List

Pneumatic pump, S/S, 2

Air-driven ball valve, S/S, 6

Air regulator, rubber & alloy, 2

Bulkhead union, S/S, 2

HP bleed-off valve, S/S, 1

Air filter, S/S, 1


LP gauge, S/S, 2

Check valve, S/S, 2

Safety valve, S/S, 1

Emergency stop, Copper, 1

Metering, S/S, 1

Metering valve, S/S, 1

Y strainer S/S, 1

HP tubings, S/S, meters

Connectors, S/S, numbers

Frame, S/S 1