1.Equipment reference structure


The picture is only a reference

2.The main technical parameters:

a. Test valve type: Straight-through flange gate valve, check valve.

b. Clamping method: The clamping jaws clamp the back of the flange, and there is no external force on the valve body.

c. Sealing method between valve and blind plate: O-ring seal on the end face, which can observe the leakage position.

d. Pressure test medium: Water or 4-7bar low pressure gas (air or nitrogen).

e. Completed test items: 1.5 times the nominal pressure shell test, 1.1 times the nominal pressure high-pressure liquid sealing test; 4-7bar

Low pressure air tightness test.

f. Test range: DN100-750, see the pressure test range table.

g. Test valve structure length: 762-1295mm.

h. Test valve flange diameter: ∅ 600-985mm.

i. Test valve flange thickness: 26-70mm.

j. The right working plate can be turned 90°, and the left moving frame can be moved left and right.

k. Spacing between working plates: 750-1750mm.

l.   Left and right clamping cylinders: 4X∅ 250mm.

m.   Maximum clamping force: 400 tons.