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Honest Team
We treat our cutomers with our best service, you can put 100% faith in us.
Sincere Communication
Our 7-24 online quotation will guarantee you to get an instant quotation, our aim is to make provided products are your ideal ones.
Reliable Quality
H&T's products always give high quality and high performance for each product of ours is under the most strict quality control and testing.
Fast Delivery
The order will be sent to your door within a short time, once you place an order.

Packaging & Shipping

Q: How to install and operate the machine?: How to insnd operate the machine?

Q: How to install and operate the machine?

A: We will offer free training for machines installation and operation of the staff at your factory.

Q: How to ship these products? A: They will be packed in wooden case or iron case for long distance (ocean or air) transportation.

Q: How long do you provide product maintenance? A: We provide lifelong maintenance.

Q: Do you provide custom service? A: Of course, we can design customized products according to your requirements.

Q: How do we start cooperation? A: Please contact us for product pricing, customization, or other inauiries, and we wil offer you the best service and comr price from the first order.

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